​Lisa Larson
Marriage and Family Therapist, Director of PCTC


Lisa Larson has been a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for the past fifteen years. After seven years in private practice doing “cognitive-behavioral” or “talk therapy” Lisa had a life-altering event that changed the course of her life and transformed her therapeutic orientation. She and her son flat lined (or clinically died) in 2005 from two different allergic reactions three weeks apart. (Both are alive)  Lisa was acutely traumatized with the normal symptoms of trauma; loss of appetite, insomnia, anxiety, panic, restlessness, hyper- vigilance, and constant retriggering of the traumatic events. She had a classic case of PTSD. No amount of talk therapy worked. But two sessions of EMDR, (a powerful trauma modality developed and rigorously researched at Stanford University) and she was back to being herself after two sessions. As Lisa continued to train in the most powerful trauma modalities, she saw her traumatized clients heal quickly and permanently. She learned that her years as a talk therapist were missing the most crucial piece required to heal those with simple or severe trauma,The Body. Those with complex trauma and PTSD are enslaved by their own neurophysiology. True healing requires releasing the individual from the trapped body memories that trigger chronic flight/ flight or numb/ freeze responses. No amount of talking or praying can remove the body’s relentless hold on the traumatized.


A dream was born in Lisa. She was determined to do something about the unnecessary physical, emotional, mental and spiritual torment of the traumatized. She opened Pacific Trauma Specialists, a non-profit dedicated to offering the most cutting edge trauma modalities to anyone who suffers. She brought out the best trauma clinicians in the world to train her staff in releasing trauma from the body, mind, heart and spirit. She is passionate about letting the world know that trauma and PTSD are not something you have to live with and that freedom is possible.


“I have searched far and wide for the most powerful and effective treatments for emotional trauma. The results I have experienced with my clients have been so fast and transformative for them that I have devoted my life to the mission of educating the public and treating those who suffer from emotional trauma with the best treatment modalities available. As a therapist who spent years doing Cognitive-Behaviorial or "talk therapy", I am amazed at how fast and deeply most clients heal with these phenomenal trauma therapies."

​Lisa Larson, Director

Kimberly A Greene (Mulron)
Marriage and Family Therapy Intern


“Take the first step towards a better life...a better you!” Kimberly’s passion in working with those struggling after trauma led her to become EMDR Trained and BSP Certified. Her work focuses in on major issues including victims of violence, couples and families in crisis, intimacy issues, eating disorders, anxiety and depression to name a few. She is currently registered with the Victims Compensation Program (VCP) and accepting referrals. Kimberly, a mother of two, has a passion for working with children and teens and incorporates guided imagery, art, and play therapy techniques. Her goal is to help individuals, couples, and families to find healthier ways of communicating and living with both themselves and others." strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded." (NIV) 2 chronicles 15:7


Jennifer Young
Marriage and Family Therapy Intern


As a former professional tennis player, life coach, brainspotting trauma therapist, somatic archeologist and MFT Trainee, Jennifer is invested in each client’s highest healing potential. Inspired by her own healing journey, Jennifer chose to leave her executive sales career with a Fortune 500 healthcare organization to help empower others to reclaim a rich and fulfilling life. Jennifer’s practice is designed to reconcile abusive, repetitive cycles and develop self-love, express creative capacity, and authentic spiritual direction. In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her two beautiful boys, reading, traveling and doing yoga.


Kirsten Kraus
Somatic Therapist 


Kirsten is a Somatic Therapist, Brainspotting Trauma Specialist and Holistic Practitioner. She has worked with a variety of emotional stress release modalities for over 20 years. Her goal is to remove the limitations of: fear based thoughts, unresolved trauma, triggers that induce stress, and unwanted emotional and behavioral patterns. Outside of work, Kirsten enjoys tennis, running her dog Lucy, and spending time with her husband and the kids.


Andy Kraus
Marriage and Family Therapy Intern


Andy incorporates a wide range of therapeutic techniques in his practice. He is very interested in the latest research in neurobiology & mindfulness which proves the brains ability to "rewire" itself. This helps his clients to work through issues quickly in a gentle way with a very solution focused approach. Andy is a firm believer in the concept of the mind, body, and spirit connection. His main goal is to help his clients find their joy again. Andy works with individuals, couples and children. In his spare time he and his wife enjoy hiking in the mountains, cross country skiing,and playing tennis.


Eva Lukas
Marriage and Family Therapy Intern


Eva completed her Masters in Psychology with an Emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from Brandman University in May of 2013. Eva strongly believes that humans have the innate power to heal themselves regardless of the complexity behind their issues. She is dedicated to help individuals, families, couples, children, and teenagers meet their goals. By using an integrative approach, clients are empowered to address and resolve their issues while focusing on building strong, supportive, and fulfilling relationships in a brighter future. In her free-time, Eva enjoys exploring the outdoors with her husband, their four wonderful children, and friends.


Eryn Barrett
Marriage and Family Therapy Intern


Eryn Barrett is trained in somatic modalities such as EMDR and Brainspotting and is a graduate from the University of San Francisco with a Masters degree in Counseling/Marriage and Family Therapy. Eryn uses an integrated approach to therapy in order to provide a customized treatment plan for each client. Eryn works with people of all ages, genders and sexual orientations providing a safe, non judgmental environment where her clients are able to heal from unresolved trauma, recognize their strengths and rebuild relationships. Her desire is to walk along side her clients as they seek to rediscover their deepest truths and live authentic joyful lives.

Jeanine Bogart
Marriage and Family Therapy Intern  


Jeanine is dedicated to help clients resolve and release the layers of conscious and unconscious unresolved trauma that keep them stuck in unhealthy patterns of thought, feeling, emotion, and behavior. Her deepest desire is to assist her clients as they uncover and rediscover their deepest truths and strengths to live a life of authentic self-expression, self-love, fulfillment, inner and outer peace, and joyful relationships. Jeanine supports clients of all ages, genders, and sexual orientations in a safe, comfortable, non- judgmental therapeutic atmosphere. Jeanine graduated from Grand Canyon University with a Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy in October of 2013 and has pursued additional training in; EMDR, Feeling State Addiction Protocol (FSAP), Brainspotting, the Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM), Trauma Resiliency Model (TRM), and Reiki Healing.


Mary Anne Sloan
Marriage and Family Therapy Intern 


Mary Anne Sloan is a goal oriented therapist who enjoys seeing her clients reach their goals for better relationships, reclaiming their sense of worth, and achieving healthy balance in their lives. She is passionate about teaching parents how to discipline their children and teens while keeping their self-esteem in tact and peace at home. Maryanne has pursued additional training in Positive Discipline, Gottman Couples Therapy and the cutting edge trauma therapies; EMDR and Brainspotting.  It is her mission to help her clients heal on a conscious and unconscious level, connect with their authentic selves, and find the inspiration to take action towards pursuing joy and fulfillment.  Mary Anne is currently completing her Masters in Counseling Psychology at National University.