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Sue Gelber is a certified homeopath in Davis, California, virtually meeting with clients committed to healing through brainspotting and homeopathy. Sue's passion for brainspotting began in 2013, with Dr. David Grand's interview and course on In addition to Pacific Trauma Center events, Sue trains ongoing in Generational Brainspotting (GBSP) with Dr. Ruby Gibson, in developer Dr. David Grand's advanced trainings, in Deborah Antinori, MA's advanced brain trainings, with Mag. Monika Baumann in brainspotting with children and adolescents, and many others. Sue is the first to integrate brainspotting into the global homeopathic community.

Sue's passion in partnering with clients of all ages and life stages, families, couples and individuals, is recovering, reclaiming and restoring peace, kindness and dignity in ourselves, thus our relationships (whether to self, parent-child or within partnerships/marriage). Brainspotting complements and prepares the foundation for transformative and permanent healing available through homeopathy, removing unrecognized generational and internal "obstacles to cure" that can otherwise thwart even the most effective healing modalities, including classical homeopathy.

As part of her own formation through healing, Sue has the resources to draw upon 40 years of experience as a homeopath, 17 years as a SoulCollage® Facilitator/retired Facilitator Trainer (i.e., using meaningful photos or collaged images drawn from the depths of your life and generational legacy for the fun and gentle integration of inner "parts"), and 18 years as a trained Spiritual Director. These modalities together create the person who will intentionally, compassionately and energetically "hold you" in unconditional acceptance, love, respect and honor for your journey, including what you've inherited and wish to create as your precious and powerful legacy.

Especially for those who have "never been well since" the physical and psychological impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sue offers a safe, warm, understanding presence with the life and professional experience to help you find and live your best self again.

Sue Gelber, CCH, RSHom(NA)

Sue Gelber, CCH, RSHom(NA)

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