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  • CONVENIENT: healing can be done from your home, your office, or other private location

  • SAFETY: Contributes to a safer community by minimizing the spread of COVID-19

  • COMFORT: Allows you to create a comfortable space in your own home, pets included!

  • TIME: No commute, traffic, or gas costs

  • EFFECTIVENESS: We are able to use all the same powerful treatment modalities via telehealth, just as effectively

  • FLEXIBILITY: More appointment times available

  • GREATER REACH: We can work remotely with anyone in California, not just locally

Welcome to Pacific Counseling and Trauma Center!

Our mission is to heal you quickly and permanently from the deep suffering caused by childhood and adult trauma. We accomplish this by offering the most cutting-edge trauma modalities to adults, adolescents and children. We KNOW that everyone can heal from the worst traumatic experiences imaginable as long as the therapist is an expert at reaching the deeper regions of the brain where traumas are held. Once the traumas are accessed and released, client after client report that they have found or re-found their self- love, joy, passion and purpose for their lives. We believe each of our clients have a perfect soul like the brilliant light of the sun shining on a clear day. Traumatic events and difficult experiences are like dark clouds that cover the bright light within so you cannot see or feel it. We know that the sun is still shining even when we lose sight of it. Our job is to remove those dark clouds so you can come home to the fullness of your true self with your inherent light, love, and unique talents and gifts. You can finally see and be who you have always been. We have to take off the layers to get to the truth of who you really are.


Our confidence that we can help anyone heal from trauma comes from knowing we  can reach the part of the brain that stop you from being enslaved by your own neurobiology.  Our primitive brains are wired to alert us to threats to our physical and emotional safety. Your deepest regions of your brain have the capacity to heal your past trauma and set you free. Our faith is in your own brain’s capacity to heal you if you do the work. We believe there is nobody for which this cannot happen if there is a willingness to see the process through.


 Traumatic experiences create a loss of our true selves as we strive to numb the pain by behaviors that keep us from being present with ourselves and others. These behavioral patterns include busyness, workaholism, drinking, drugs, sexing, doing, eating, pleasing, technology, intimacy avoidance, etc. We are guides to help our clients on their journey inward back to themselves. At the end of the day, the true problem most of our clients have is a loss of love for themselves and difficulty being relational. This work allows clients to find their self -love and the ability to love and be present for their loved ones. It also allows many of our clients to feel safe in the world for the first time.


Elite Trauma Therapists:


All of our therapists are hand selected by PCTC’s Founder, Lisa Larson, who has long specialized in the treatment of trauma and is a US trainer for Brainspotting International Trainings. Only the most elite and skilled Brainspotters and trauma clinicians are invited to join Pacific Counseling and Trauma Center. They must be certified in Brainspotting and have advanced and ongoing training in the newest and most effective trauma methods. This team is highly trained and continuously trained in the newest and most effective brain-based trauma methods. Our team are the “Navy Seals” in the treatment of trauma!

Our Commitment to You:  Profound Healing and a Powerful Treatment Plan


We have an undying commitment to transform your uncomfortable emotions and body sensations, disruptive behaviors, and limiting beliefs about yourself. These symptoms are a sign that your soul is ready to let past negative experiences go so you can be happier and healthier in your feelings, body and beliefs. We compassionately ride the waves with you until they smooth out and you find peace and purpose in your life.


We believe strongly that you deserve to have a very specific and thorough treatment plan that we co-create with you. This plan includes your life goals, your negative beliefs about yourself, behaviors you desire to change, as well as transforming how you hold your losses, difficult experiences or traumas that have kept you from being your best self and living your best life. We metrically measure all of these things and we support you in your healing process until you graduate from therapy when all of your objectives are met. We are proud of how quickly our client’s lives transform.


Won't This Take Forever to Accomplish?


We call Brainspotting and some of our other trauma modalities such as EMDR, “Emotional Healing on Warp Speed.” The healing happens much more quickly than traditional talk therapy. Because the modalities we use access the primitive parts of the brain where frightening and traumatic experiences are held, we see clients recover and get their lives back much more rapidly in comparison to traditional talk therapy. What we have learned is that the logical part of the brain engaged in talk therapy is not where our traumatic experiences are stored. Sadly, this leads many traumatized individuals to spend ten, twenty or thirty years talking about their traumatic childhoods and adulthoods without relief. Hope gets lost. We want you to know that you can absolutely heal as long as the mid-brain and brainstem are reached during the process. Permanent change is possible only by reaching the primitive brain where traumas are stored. The trauma is released in the brain and the body in what we call “Bottom Up Processing.”  The results are nothing short of miraculous.


“I am angry that I spent five years in talk therapy dealing with the tragic death of my partner. After only five sessions here I cannot get upset, even if I try, about his death. I don’t know how you did it but I am forever grateful.” -Emergency Responder Client


Can This Therapy Work for Couples?


We have found many couples who love each other behave in ways they don’t understand and regret when they get triggered by their partners behavior. Most often, we get unconsciously triggered because your partners behavior mimics wounding from your caregivers in childhood. Often partners know their reactions are over the top. They honestly cannot help it because they get “limbically hijacked” by their limbic system which overrides all rational and logical thinking. The limbic Systems job is to perceive threats and keep us safe. It does so by catapulting us into Flight or Fight (“Stuck On”) or a numb/freeze response which creates a shutting down and disconnection. (“Stuck Off”) Many of our couples find profound healing as their trauma triggers are tamed and they can execute the healthy communication skills they have learned because they are no longer at the mercy of the primitive brain that takes them into flight, fight or freeze responses.


Train in Brainspotting and allow your clients to heal quickly and permanently from: 
trauma, PTSD, accidents, anxiety, depression, performance anxiety, chronic illness, OCD, and grief. 


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