Our goal is to help you uncover your true potential and unique purpose so you can lead a life that you feel is worth celebrating. While we cannot change what has happened in the past, we can help you to live fully in the present, free of any self-limiting beliefs or behavioral patterns that no longer serve you. By applying a variety of effective interactive and solution-focused therapy techniques, we will work together as quickly as possible to achieve the results you are hoping for. If you're looking for extra support and guidance through a challenging situation or you're ready to overhaul your life so it is moving in a more positive direction, we look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.

We will work with you to create your specific therapy goals and treatment plan. We are committed to co-creating a “wish list” or personalized treatment plan with you during the first session of therapy. Each therapy session will actively work towards achieving one or more of your goals. You will know when it is time to “graduate” from therapy because all of the goals you stated in your first sessions will be accomplished or well on their way to being fulfilled.
​We will give you practical tools and life skills to achieve your therapy goals sooner. There may be times when you are asked to take certain actions outside of the therapy sessions, such as reading a relevant book or doing some behavioral homework (such as exercising or doing a couples date). It is important to process what has been discussed and integrate it into your life between sessions. Also, homework usually saves you time and money and allows you to accomplish your therapy goals faster. For therapy to be most effective you must be an active participant, both during and between the sessions. People seeking psychotherapy are willing to take responsibility for their actions, work towards self-change and create greater awareness in their lives.



  • Compassion, Respect, and Understanding

  • Transforming negative thoughts and behaviors to self-affirming ones that create joy

  • Effective tools and strategies for enacting positive change

  • An established treatment plan where each session moves you closer towards your goals​




New clients will need to print and fill out intake paperwork and bring it to your first session. Filling out the paperwork ahead of time allows you to have more time for therapy in your first session. Intake paperwork can be found under your assigned therapists' bio on the team page.


Initial intake appointments take 1.5 hours, as do all trauma therapy sessions. Appointments are usually scheduled weekly and on a regular basis until you have accomplished the majority of your goals and other arrangements are made.