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Often, we are unaware of the invisible roadblocks that keep us from reaching our potential or performing at the highest level. As performance experts, we know that physical and emotional traumas stored deep within the brain (and body) cause debilitating performance problems. Without accessing and clearing these issues, the nervous system stays dysregulated creating “freeze” responses and crippling performance anxiety. Painful past experiences (e.g., sports injuries, humiliations, failures, rejections) and self-defeating thoughts are often the source of performance problems like loss of confidence, performance slumps and blocks, performance anxiety and loss of function. Brainspotting is your way out of poor performance cycles because it is the fastest way to access the deepest part of the brain where performance issues emanate from. It allows the nervous system to become regulated. That is the only way you can ever play, “In the Zone.”

Do you struggle with:

  • The game winning free throw shot?

  • Catching the football before being hit?

  • Missing easy putts in pressure situations?

  • Missed serves?

  • Trying too hard when what you were doing was working?

  • Self-defeating thoughts?

  • Anticipation of pain after your injury has healed?

  • Feeling frozen and unable to move?

  • Feeling sick before your performance or game?

  • Replaying failures after practices and games?


Clear Your Performance Blocks:

  • Resolve your sports injuries in the brain and body

  • Get out of your performance slump

  • Overcome STSD- Sport Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • Increase self-confidence and performance confidence

  • Find your self-worth apart from your performance

  • Get back “In the Zone” or your ‘Flow State”

  • Enjoy and love performing again

  • Earn national and world titles or beat your competitors in local league

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If you are willing to do the work, come to the Pacific Sports and Performance Team to meet all your performance goals by regulating your nervous system.

Pacific Sports & Performance Plan

Step One: A Thorough Intake & Treatment Plan

  • Create a list of measurable performance goals as an athlete

  • Identify measurable goals for your life in every important role

  • Make a timeline of all sports injuries that often lead to simultaneous physical and psychological trauma

  • Determine all sports humiliations

  • Establish any sports failures that are still disturbing

  • Recall any sports rejections that are still disturbing

  • Create a timeline of disturbing or traumatic experiences throughout life.

  • Uncover any negative beliefs about yourself

  • Identify all Sports Dissociation or Yips and clear them all


Step Two: Deep Brain and Body Based Healing though Brainspotting:

  • Brainspotting is utilized to regulate the nervous system to alleviate both anxiety and hyperarousal, as well as the freeze and shut down response we call “YIPS”.

  • Brainspotting is a powerful brain/body focused treatment that Identifies, processes, and releases stored neurophysiological and emotional trauma causing performance blocks.

  • Brainspotting will resolve loss of function, loss of confidence, fear of injury and Sports Traumatic Stress Disorder (STSD).

  • Brainspotting reprograms the negative belief patterns that sabotage performance.

  • Brainspotting will clear injuries from the brain and body allowing your highest performance potential to emerge.

  • Reduce paralyzing anxiety by healing all humiliating events, painful rejections, and sports failures.

  • Brainspotting to clear all life traumas that happened before the sport started. Performance anxiety is simply anxiety, much of it comes from our developmental experiences.


Step Three: Expansion Brainspotting - Expanding Your Performance Beyond What You Can Imagine

  • Expansion Brainspotting is all about tapping into the pure possibility of what you are capable of by strengthening the positive neural networks in your brain and body, allowing performance breakthroughs, and re-finding the joy in your sport.

  • Expansion Brainspotting facilitates deep, brain- based, embodied experiences of your Best Performances, when you were playing “In the Zone” or “Playing like there was nothing to lose.”

  • Through Expansion “Soul-Spotting”, we collaboratively uncover the inherent goodness and worth of your soul as well as finding your true purpose in life beyond the Sport. When self-worth is based solely on success athletically, it becomes impossible to play loose and relaxed when your entire identity is on the line every time you play. This process hugely reduces performance anxiety by identifying the truth of who you really are and what truly matters most to you in your life. This is often the game changer for our athletes.

Why we are different:


Traditional Sports Psychologists use Visualization, Relaxation, and Mental Toughness. This is all achieved from the logical, thinking brain or the neocortex. Little or no attention is given to the deeper regions of brain which controls every movement the body makes.


Without healing in the most primitive parts of the brain where Flight, Fight, Freeze and Fawn responses emanate from, true healing cannot occur. We will access the parts of your brain where the root of all your performance problems reside. This is where the fear and freeze responses live, causing humiliating performances and future performance terror. “Muscle Guarding” from injury, brain and body-based anxiety, often accumulated through years in the Sport and living in neglectful or abusive homes, are debilitating to athletes. Trauma and Dissociation affect every athlete. This can only be healed by going down to the subcortical brain; the limbic system, mid-brain, and brainstem where physical and emotional trauma are stored and have the capacity to heal. Brainspotting works by accessing, processing, and releasing accumulated negative experiences in life.


We look forward to assisting you in being free from whatever hinders your best performance and obliterates your joy. We often work in teams of two and have half day intensives available as well as multiple half day intensives. Weekly two-hour sessions are also available.


To schedule an appointment with a member of our Pacific Sports and Performance Team call our Client Ambassador Lauryn at or call 916-608-4569. When leaving a message, choose option 2.


Taylor updated photo.jpg

Taylor Oren


stacy 1.jpg

Stacy Whittingham

Trauma Informed Yoga Specialist


John Fernandez

CMT, Brainspotter

IMG_1904 copy.jpg

Lisa Larson

LMFT, Founder of PCTC

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Laura Hillesheim


I was introduced to Taylor and Brainspotting before the 2022 baseball season. Taylor made a huge impact right away. After one session, I was able to realize some of the things that were holding me back on the field. I spent many games battling negative thoughts and doubts on the field, but with the help of Taylor I was able to clear my mind and compete. I will forever be grateful for everything that Taylor taught me and helped me discover about myself. I would recommend Brainspotting to any athlete who wants to take their game to the next level.


-Davis S., Professional Baseball Player

I have been getting massages for many years but John’s technique and style is completely different from what I have experienced in the past.  John’s technique provided me with more relief and movement than I have had in my neck in shoulders for years.  Not only does John give his all, cares about you, but also knows from his touch were you need relief and works those areas.  I don’t live locally but we are planning trips to Sacramento area just to see John for regular basis!  


- Jennifer Ferguson

My massage with John was a great experience and I truly felt a ton of relief from all the tightness in my neck and shoulders.  John’s ability to recognize which muscles are tight and his ability to relieve the pressure, is absolutely amazing.  I will be a regular customer from here on out even though we don’t live local, we will find the time to come see John.


-Dan Stevens

Female Tennis Player

My son was 12 years old and one of the best batters on his baseball team. He got hit by a fast ball pitches on several occasions and became tentative as a batter. This led to humiliation and bullying from his teammates and other parents. His performance tanked as did his love for the game. After two Performance sessions at Pacific Trauma , he was back to batting with confidence and was out of his slump. It really works and fast.”


-Kimberly Foss, CFP


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