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Welcome to our Intensive page. If you or a loved one have experienced feeling stuck, defeated, or are suffering from unresolved trauma, we are here to help. At our clinic, we offer intensive sessions spanning 1-3 days in order to provide highly motivated clients with a safe and supportive environment to work through their trauma in the most rapid and efficient way possible. Our intensive therapy program is designed to provide clients with a tailored treatment plan to address their specific needs.

"My Intensive at Pacific Trauma Center was life changing. I was unchained and set free from the

abuse and trauma I suffered throughout my life. I was completely frozen (in my body) and now I am

not! I am free! Lisa facilitated deep healing while sincerely caring about me. I am forever grateful."

– Melinda Siders, LMFT

Benefits of our intensives include:


  • Customized treatment: Our therapists personalize each treatment plan to ensure it caters to the individual needs and goals of each client.

  • Rapid progress: Our intensive therapy sessions allows clients to work through their trauma at a much faster pace than traditional therapy approaches, leading to quicker healing and symptom relief.

  • Deep Brain and Body Based Healing though Brainspotting- Brainspotting is a powerful brain/body focused treatment that identifies, processes, and releases deep neurophysiological and emotional trauma, negative self-beliefs, problematic behaviors, and performance blocks.

What to expect during an intensive:


Step One: A Thorough Intake & Treatment Plan

  • Amen Clinic Questionnaire- assessing client symptoms and severity

  • Uncover all Therapeutic Goals you have for your life

  • Thorough Timeline of all Disturbing or Traumatic Experiences from Childhood through Present Time

  • Assess Every Negative Belief You have about Yourself

  • List of Positive Client Resources (spirituality, nature, family, ancestors, mentors)

  • Identify desired states of being (joy, peace, connection, hope, openness)

  • Assess client strengths

  • Establish most important individualized goals

  • Create a tailored treatment plan that is measurable and specific to your needs


Step Two: Clear Your Trauma(s) and Negative Beliefs Towards Self

  • Work one on one with an expert trauma therapist to release and clear the experiences that have caused you to suffer

  • Experience the profound healing of achieving deep brain regulation through Brainspotting, the most cutting-edge and effective trauma treatment we have found

  • Process and eliminate all negative and limiting self-thoughts you have been programmed to believe

  • Internal Family Systems to heal wounded parts of yourself

Step Three: Expansion Brainspotting- Expanding your Life Beyond What you can Imagine

  • Recover lost parts of yourself

  • Strengthen positive beliefs about yourself

  • Connect to the truth of the goodness inherent in your soul “Soul Spotting.”

  • Expand desired states of being (Joy, Love, Peace, Stillness)

  • Accomplish any performance goals you have (Being fit, organized, etc.)

  • Fast forward stepping into the dreams and goals you have for your life

  • Discover self-compassion and self-love

Additional Details:


Optional Additions to your Intensive Include:

  • Restorative and Trauma Informed yoga to heal the mind- body connection

  • Energy focused body work- expediting emotional and physical healing during Brainspotting sessions (we highly recommend this)

  • Rejuvenating massage therapy

  • Healing nature excursions



  • Two Half Day Intensives- 8 Therapy Hours with a follow up one hour session.
    Rates paid upfront, from $1200 to $4000 total, depending on therapist expertise level.

  • Three Half Day Intensives- 12 Therapy Hours with a follow up one hour session.
    Rates paid upfront, from $1800 to $6000 total, depending on therapist expertise level.

Contact Information:

To inquire about a personal intensive for you or a loved one, email our Client Ambassador Lauryn at or call 916-608-4569. When leaving a message, choose option 2.

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