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Working From Home

Meet with us from

the convenience

& comfort of home

Now offering telehealth


We offer the same effective treatment modalities virtually and can work with anyone

in the state of California

We specialize in trauma therapy and offer Brainspotting and EMDR Trauma Modalities:


Our mission at PCTC  is to heal you quickly and permanently from the deep suffering caused by childhood and adult trauma. We accomplish this by offering the most cutting-edge trauma treatment modalities and counseling to adults, adolescents and children. We KNOW that everyone can heal from the worst traumatic experiences imaginable as long as the therapist is an expert at reaching the deeper regions of the brain where traumas are held. Once the traumas are accessed and released, client after client report that they have found or re-found their self-love, joy, passion and purpose for their lives.

A Client's Experience at The Center

I have searched far and wide for the most powerful and effective treatments for emotional trauma. The results I have experienced with my clients have been so fast and transformative for them that I have devoted my life to the mission of educating the public and treating those who suffer from emotional trauma with the best treatment modalities available. As a therapist who spent years doing Cognitive-Behaviorial or "talk therapy", I am amazed at how fast and deeply most clients heal with these phenomenal trauma therapies." - Lisa Larson, Director

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